The 100 Day Project!

The 100 Day Project!

Today marks the fourth day of the 100-day challenge! My goal: to make 100 ceramic mugs that are inspired by the world around me. As well as a weekly pair of polymer clay earrings. 

This is a world-wide event called The 100 Day Project, where anyone can join. And the objective is to make something for 100 days. From what I've read, patrons have thrived in this challenge. They push themselves to be better and better at their craft and grow. So, of course, after a year hiatus in pottery, I choose the hardest thing for me, mugs. 

As a potter for almost 9 years, I've always made bowls. And I guess this is a "thing," where wheel-throwing potters can get stuck throwing either bowls or cylinders. A friend and past teacher of mine always called me out on the fact that I made bowls. And this is the year I'm challenging myself to be better! 

After the pandemic hit and I was stuck at home without a pottery studio, I pushed myself to learn a new type of clay, polymer clay. At first, I was HORRIBLE at making earrings, and the tools I was using weren't great. And I wasn't using high-quality supplies (I'm sorry to anyone who bought those earrings from me). Now, looking back after almost one year of starting that craft, I've become an expert in polymer clay. I learned that when you focus and put your hours into something ✨anything,✨ you can become exceptional. I came out of 2021 (the dumpster fire year), feeling proud of myself. And now, I want to put my efforts into a second craft, my first love, ceramics. 

Follow along as I achieve my goal of:
100 unique ceramic mugs 
15 unique pairs of polymer clay earrings 

My purpose for this challenge is to: 

  • Grow as a ceramicist. 
  • Push my creativity when it comes to making the same thing 100 times over.
  • Be as authentic to myself and my art as I can.
  • Learn to love making mugs!
  • Keep growing as a polymer clay artist and keep flexing that part of my "brain." 
  • Connect with my customers and learn from them. 
  • Document as much as possible so I can look back in one more year and think about how much I've achieved. 

The challenge ends on 5/10/21, and soon after, I'll be sharing on my social media all 100 mugs (I'll be sharing along the way, and I'll be sharing the earrings as I finish them). But, as I learn and grow, I'm going to try and share on my blog as much as I can to help document the challenge for myself.