About Me, Shea!


Hey friend! I'm Shea 👋 (She/Her)

Shea Michals - Maker, Artist, and Creative Unicorn


I'm a designer, creative, and community advocate who's currently living in Denver with my dog, Chloe. On top of working full-time as a UX designer, I volunteer and teach pottery at Denver Parks and Rec.

As a creative unicorn, I started Shea The Maker to share with the world my creative side. As a pixel designer by day, I like to take my work offline and make with my hands by night.

I make everything from polymer clay earrings, pottery, photography, digital art (like stickers) and much more! Everything on this website is handmade and made with love. 


Let's Connect! 

Send me a message and we can connect! If you're looking for custom orders, feel free to send me a message here or on the other forms throughout the website. I look forward to e-meeting you :) 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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